SouthernIT Limited
29 Avon Street (Postal: PO Box 133)
Gore 9710
Southland, NZ

Phone: 03 208 0051
Mobile: 027 IT Fix It (027 48 349 48)

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Repairs & Upgrades:

SouthernIT can undertake the vast majority of PC computer repairs and upgrades onsite, at a time that suits you, and at reasonable cost. With technology available today, some computer repairs and maintainance can also be performed remotely over the internet.

If any components are found to be faulty while troubleshooting, we can supply quality replacements for you at competitive prices, backed by manufactures warranty, or we are more than happy to work with any replacement components that you have purchased elsewhere yourself.

SouthernIT has many years experience in repairing all Microsoft operating systems software, and a diverse range of associated applications for these platforms.

No matter how good the specification was when you bought your computer, it’s a fact that computers age quickly. The good news is that most PC systems can be upgraded at reasonable cost. Even very old systems can still have upgrades and their working lives extended.

SouthernIT are happy to provide you with an upgrade solution, taking into account your existing hardware and software, desires and budget. From a simple laptop or desktop memory upgrade right through to a total network overhaul, you can trust us to deliver the right solution at a great price.

Wireless Networks:

With over 12 years wireless networking experience and access to a range of quality wireless hardware suitable for both short and long distance networks, we offer the ability to connect multiple buildings together over a distance of many kilometers, or a more simple system of sharing an internet connection between 1 or several computers inside your home.

These systems are very popular in the dairy farming industry with computerised systems such as Protrack, where an internet connection is required for syncronising herd records to LIC.

A wireless system means you can share the 1 internet connection between both the dairy shed PC and your home computers, reducing monthly costs while also providing access to the dairy shed PC from inside the house when required. Make changes and work on your computerised herd records at night in the warmth of your lounge from your laptop.

Remote Access:

Through the use of secure communications we can link your computer to ours to allow us instant access to your computer systems on request removing all travel costs from the job. From adding new users and printers to your network system, to clearing print queues and repairing faults, remote access is a convienent service that provides you with instant access to our support.

SouthernIT remote support services are also available by means of phone and e-mail for all new and existing clients during normal business hours.

Custom Built PC's:

As an OEM systems builder, we offer our customers the ability to choose from the best quality components available today, and have these assembled into your own custom built PC or server. Customise your own computer system from scratch.

You're choosing from the best, because we only sell products we recommend and stand behind. From choosing the size of hard drive and system memory, to operating system and bundled software, a basic PC suitable for internet & email to an industrial multi-core workstation or network server, your options are almost endless.

Rest assured your custom built computer system will be in top condition when it reaches you - we will assemble and load your new system, complete all operating system updates, and bench test your custom built computer system for a full 24 hours before delivering to you.